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Feb 19, 2018 @ 3:23 am

The pour over is a simple, yet delicate brew method. In order to brew your best cup, it really helps if you have the best pour over kettle for the job.


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A good pour over kettle will allow you to do a few important things right:


  • Hold your water at the right temperature
  • Control the precise flow of your water
  • Keep your hands away from the boiling water
  • Is comfortable


Not to mention it’ll make your pour over brewing life a whole lot easier.


Add in some good quality, freshly ground coffee beans (preferably organic, carbon negative of course, and ground to perfection) and you’re on your way to a wonderful cup of coffee.


Making pour over coffee is a meticulous process.


However, where there is a meticulous process, there is an art form, and where there is art form there is the experience.


So get the right tools, be present in the moment, and brew the best cup you’ve ever had!


If a pour over kettle is what you need, then best pour over kettle you will get. Here are 10 of our favorites. Enjoy!


1.) Kalita Wave Pot


We open up the list with a very highly regarded product, the Kalita Wave Pot.


One of the favorite pots among the pour over coffee enthusiasts, the Kalita Wave Pot is just perfect.


With its stainless steel body and very fine gooseneck, the stream produced by this kettle will be neither too strong nor too weak, and will never have that ugly metallic aftertaste from low-end kettles.


Kalita Wave Pot - Best Pour Over Kettle - Blue Penguin Coffee




  • Very durable metallic body.
  • Nice gooseneck, provides just the right amount of trickle.
  • Not very expensive.




  • The wooden handle is prone to breaking quickly.
  • The placement of the handle can cause discomfort, as it is placed too close to the body.
  • Costs just as much as Bonavita despite the drawbacks.


Our Favorite Feature


Our favorite part about Kalita Wave pot is that it has a very fine gooseneck.


This gooseneck allows for very slow, responsive and accurate pouring, which is quintessential for a good cup of pour over coffee.




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2.) Ovalware Pour Over Cofee and Tea Drip Kettle


Ovalware is another very highly regarded gooseneck kettle.


It sports a simplistic design and a very ergonomic handle, for maximum comfort, which, combined with a nice and tight gooseneck, allows for very accurate pouring to maximize the taste of your coffee.


Ovalware Pour Over Kettle - Best Pour Over Kettle - Blue Penguin Coffee




  • Very durable and portable kettle.
  • Precision gooseneck for more control over your pouring.
  • Inexpensive.




  • The handle can get very hot at times.
  • Smaller than we would like it to be.
  • Boils the water too quickly, which can sometimes be a problem.


Our Favorite Feature


What we like most about this product is the handle.


It is quite ergonomic and put far away from the body, so you won’t feel like you’re going to burn yourself, even though if you leave it an extra minute on the stove, you’ll get a very hot handle.




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3.) Bonavita Electric Kettle


At number three on our best pour over kettle list is the Bonavita electric kettle.


This kettle is a good addition for anyone who likes something more convenient.


It comes with its own heat source, making it a perfect traveling companion.


Bonavita Electric Kettle - Best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee




  • Has its own heat source.
  • Able to view and set the water temperature through the electronic display.
  • Holds water temperature for up to 60 minutes.




  • More prone to rusting than other products on our list.
  • Sometimes leaks a bit due to lack of quality control.
  • The handle could be further out from the body.


Our Favorite Feature


The reason we included this item is obvious – it has its own heating source.


In addition, you are able to set the water temperature through the electronic display.


The display even has 6 presets or you are able to adjust the temperature manually in one-degree increments as long as the temperature is over 140 degrees.


This is Bonavita’s most distinctive trait, and for anyone who likes to move around a lot, we suggest you get yourself one of these.




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4.) Hario Buono Pouring Kettle


One of the best pour over kettles has to be Hario’s Buono.


This item has a very generous storage area, but a very tight gooseneck that enables perfect control over the stream that comes out of it.


Hario Buono Pour Over Kettle - Best Pour Over Kettle - Blue Penguin Coffee




  • Good sized kettle.
  • Ergonomic grip, and placed reasonably away from the body.
  • Enables great control over the stream of water.




  • The metal is thinner and loses heat faster.
  • If left for too long, the handle can start getting too hot.
  • The thin metal is prone to deformity.


Our Favorite Feature


The thing we like most about Hario is its ergonomic handle.


It provides a firm grip, and is far away from the body, enabling you to grip it with confidence that you won’t burn your fingers.


Not to mention it has a timeless design which will always be a classy piece for your kitchen.




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5.) Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle


Halfway through our best pour over kettle list, we stumble upon the Coffee Gator Pour Over kettle. This one has a fine gooseneck and is very similar in design to Buono, except it has one more addition – a thermometer.


Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle - best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee




  • Good quality build.
  • Built in thermometer.
  • 100% money back guarantee.




  • Problems with quality control.
  • The thermometer could be better.
  • Holds 1 L but the manufacturer proposes you fill it not more than 6/10ths of capacity.


Our Favorite Feature


We love this little kettle because of the added commodity of the thermometer.


Sure, it could be a bit more precise, but you can’t rely 100% on the tool if you want to be a pro of the craft.


You know what we mean?




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6.) Nagao Takahiro Drip Coffee Pot


Whom better to entrust the making of your coffee pot than the Japanese.


As both avid tea and coffee drinkers, they know what perfection means, and Takahiro delivers matchless control over the stream.


Nagao Takahiro Drip Coffee Pot - best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee




  • Excellent stream control.
  • Good quality build.
  • Simplistic but captivating design.




  • Quite expensive ($80>).
  • The handle is made of steel.
  • Takes a little patience when waiting for water to boil.


Our Favorite Feature


The gooseneck on this kettle is amazing!


If you want a kettle that pours perfectly, Takahiro is the one and the only kettle you need to get.


It’s a little more expensive than the other kettles in this category, but it could be the kettle for your lifestyle if you’re looking for a classic design which will last a lifetime.


Just remember, though, for this price range, you could buy the Bonavita Electric Kettle which includes its own heating source and is temperature adjustable.




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7.) Kalita Stylish Stainless Pot


Here we have another Kalita pot in our search for the best pour over kettle for your lifestyle.


This one, however, does not boast a wavy design like the other one but has straight stainless steel lines.


A good and long gooseneck enables excellent flow speed – just the right amount for a pour over coffee.






  • Minimalistic and stylish design.
  • Excellent gooseneck and flow speed.
  • Not that expensive for what you get.




  • The handle of the pot is made of steel as well.
  • The knob on the top of the lid also gets very hot.
  • Best used when you pour already boiling water in it.


Our Favorite Feature


Kalita Stainless may get a little hot when left on the stove, but it sure delivers when it comes to pouring speed.


As you know this is essential for a pour over which is why this kettle made its way onto our best pour over kettle list.




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8.) Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle


Slowly, but surely, we’re nearing the end of our best pour over kettle list.


At spot no. 8 we find the Fino Pour Over Coffee kettle.


This kettle has a sturdy stainless steel construction, but has a very nice, plastic-covered handle for better grip and placed conveniently away from the body.


Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle - best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee




  • Nice and sturdy build.
  • Good capacity.
  • Ergonomic handle.




  • Due to capacity, takes a while to get heated.
  • Can be prone to rust.
  • Not that good pouring speed and control.


Our Favorite Feature


The reason this one made it on our best pour over kettle list is because of its capacity.


The kettle holds enough water for 6 cups, so, if you have friends over often, you might want to consider this one.




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9.) Nati & Home Stainless Drip Coffee Kettle


This kettle is a real beauty among the rest of its class.


Boasting a spherical design with chromed stainless steel finish, you will be reminded of Victorian England tea time every time you use it.


Nati & Home Kettle - best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee



  • Very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fine gooseneck for better pouring control.
  • Very affordable.




  • The handle is not wrapped in plastic or wood – bare metal, so it can get a little hot.
  • The pot is a little clunky and a bit harder to control.
  • The bottom of the gooseneck can sometimes develop a leak.


Our Favorite Feature


Overall, this kettle might be the most unique here.


It has a good gooseneck, but the reason we would buy this pot is to admire its elegance while pouring a hot stream of crystalline water over your grind.




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10.) Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle


Last but not least on our best pour over kettle list is the Fellow Stagg Pour Over kettle.


An excellent piece, this kettle is a jack of all trades – it is nice and wide, has an ergonomic handle and an excellent gooseneck, all of it wrapped in a nice, sleek stainless steel design.


If you are one of the lucky few who ends up buying one of these kettles, you will not be disappointed.


However, in our honest opinion, both the Bonavita Electric Kettles are a better value for your money because of the independent heating plate.


Stagg Kettle - best pour over kettle - blue penguin coffee


  • Good build quality, sturdy.
  • Good stream control.
  • Excellent handle ergonomics.




  • One of the pricier pieces.
  • The lid can get stuck if the kettle gets too hot.
  • Has a thermometer, but it fogs up often.


Our Favorite Feature


The reason to choose this kettle is definitely the handle and the amazing design.


We could stare at this kettle ALL DAY LONG.


Come on, how can you not?


Look at the clean lines on this thing.




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And ladies and gentlemen there you have it, our best pour over kettle list.


To reiterate what we said earlier, to brew a good pour over you need a good kettle with a steady stream, and all these kettles here will allow you to do that.


Remember, though, a kettle that might be good for one lifestyle, might not be a good fit for another style.


Do you want to use your kettle outside of your home?


If so, the two Bonavita Electric kettles in this review might be a good fit.


Do you have a modern designed kitchen with all white cabinets and clean lines?


If so, the Hario, the two Kalita kettles, and the Stagg kettle would be a great fit for your kitchen.


You see, each person’s coffee brewing habits, coffee brewing art form is as different as your personality.


So take your time, think about how the kettle would fit into your lifestyle and splurge a little to get the right tool for the trade.


We promise, if you go with any of these 10 kettles you won’t be disappointed.


Now get to brewing!




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