Summer Special: BPC Cold Brew Elixir

Simple. Beautiful. Delicious.

The simple things in life, are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. Whether that be in your past, present, or future life, when you take the time to notice the small, nondescript, maybe even the initially uninspiring, wonderful things, can and do happen. We here at Blue Penguin believe this to be brilliantly true. Take cold brew coffee for example. It’s foolish to think this is a complicated brew to make. In reality, all you do is take grounded coffee beans and let it soak in water for a long time, that’s it. Nothing special. But to do it right, now that’s another thing. It takes patience, time, attention to the uninteresting, and some may say even love, to turn something so simple, into something that transcends time itself. We have something special here with our BPC Cold Brew Elixir.