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We Are More Than Just Coffee. We Are An Experience.

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Blue Penguin Coffee is not just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill coffee. It is not just caffeine in a cup. It is our story, and it has become our way of life.

We started last year in the middle of the bitterly cold Minnesotan winter with a feeling. We had just come back from our travels with fresh perspectives and a spark for change in the coffee industry. It was just a feeling, an inkling to create something special.

We didn’t have a clue as to what or how to make a change, but we knew something new and different needed to happen.

It took some reflection, some brewing (no pun intended), and a lot of time away from the hustle of ‘corporate consulting’ life to understand what this feeling was urging us to do. It wasn’t enough to just create a business; we were to undertake a life-changing journey to not only better ourselves, but to form real relationships and provide genuine experiences to the customers we were privileged to serve.

We wanted our coffee to be an authentic experience. And we wanted that authenticity to shine through and spark nostalgia for the simpler things in life. Our coffee became the vessel that allowed us to transport our customers back to these times in their lives, yet still strangely and simultaneously stopped time in the present moment.

Like the distinctive yet familiar smell of a home-cooked meal, the feeling of the crisp morning air in the quiet backcountry, or the sound of a familiar voice, our coffee offers our customers comfort and solace in the noisy static of everyday life.

We scoured the world looking for a method that would prove consistent with our philosophy, and we found it on our visit to Taiwan. It was there that we were introduced to coffee as something more than a grab-and-go drink for a caffeine kick. It was there that coffee became and intimate experience. Beans had stories to tell, and each cup of coffee was carefully crafted and nurtured right in front of your eyes.

Feeling refreshed and inspired by this new way of experiencing coffee, we came back to Minnesota with a renewed sense of urgency to introduce this manual brew philosophy to our community. We wanted to serve coffee as it was meant to be served: each cup carefully brewed by hand in front of our customer. No frills and no fancy machinery. Just damn good coffee.

Most importantly, we realized how crucial it was to have a sustainable coffee ecosystem. If we wanted to serve the best coffees, we knew we needed to source them from the best roasters, and they in turn needed to have direct relationships with the most passionate coffee farms. And for this circle of honest and dedicated coffee production to continue to work, we ALL need to ensure that our Earth is able to sustain this cycle.

By partnering with a coffee roaster we could depend on not only to provide the finest 100% Organic Shade Grown Coffee, But also one of the few that truly gives back to the Earth by being carbon negative, we can feel good about what we make and what we sell.

We opened small as a pop-up pour over bar in the summer of 2016 at the New Hope Farmer’s Market, but our future dreams of where we want to take Blue Penguin Coffee are big. We believe in giving 110% in everything we put our hearts into, and we couldn’t be more honored for the humbling opportunity to share our story with all of you. This year was only the beginning for us, and we are so excited to continue on this journey with a growing community of people who are making a difference in this world by drinking our coffee.

Thank you for helping us make our experience, your experience.



The grind of the bean or grinder itself, doesn't matter you might say. Oh, what you're missing out on


Precise measurement of the coffee used is not enough. Precision with your water is just as important


You've earned it. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the craft. Savor the moment